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The Weather in Port Elizabeth

Published September 25, 2013 13:08

Port Elizabeth Pier

It is funny how much of one’s conversation can revolve around the weather, think about it and you will be surprised how often we talk about the weather and the weather in Port Elizabeth is no exception.

At Treetops Guesthouse the weather is important to us, we have so many overseas guests, especially from the colder climates of the Northern hemisphere. Being in South Africa and having read that it is a sunny place and they expect every day to be perfect, but that is not always the case.

At Treetops we publish the weather on our noticeboard on a daily basis and have great fun at the end of the day discussing how accurate it turned out to be, you know, those no rain days and by 9.00am it is pelting down.

We are lucky living in Port Elizabeth, the “Windy City” as it known, it has an almost sub-tropical climate with light rain throughout the year. We are classified as having an Oceanic Climate as the area lies between the winter rainfall and Mediterranean climate zones of the Western Cape and the summer rainfall regions of Eastern South Africa.

Our winters are cool but mild and our summers are warm but considerably less humid and hot than the more northerly parts of the Eastern coast. Our average temperatures through the year do not reflect widely differing highs and lows, January to March the average high temperature is 25° Celsius, being our summer, with an average low in summer of 18 degrees Celsius and drops to an average high of 20 degrees Celsius during our winter months of May through to August with the average low being 9° Celsius.

Port Elizabeth Temperature

In discussing rainfall we have rain in varying quantities throughout the year with our so-called wet season being through the months of September through to November, climatic change has seen September becoming drier and our winter months do reflect lower amounts of rain, so we can have long dry periods May through till July which makes for beautiful winter weather.

As mentioned we are known as the “Windy City” and yes we have lots of hard blowing winds with the South Westerly being the prevailing wind and yes whilst we do have many windy days we have many more days that are not windy. In fact, the wind has led to economic development and job creation as there are a number of wind farms being in built in and in the surrounds of Port Elizabeth.

As a person who has lived many years in Port Elizabeth, I can say that we have the best of weathers in Port Elizabeth, as it is not oppressively hot in weather nor do we have arctic conditions in winter. I recall the Soccer World Cup in June 2010 and if memory serves me correct it was against Slovenia and they narrowly won by 1-0, but it was the weather I remember best we had perfect weather whilst we were packed with English supporters and they could just not believe the weather, many swam at our world-class beaches. So yes if you are staying at The Treetops Guest House Port Elizabeth, we are pretty certain that you will experience good weather with possibly a touch of not so good weather.

Port Elizabeth Beach Weather

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